Every year the NYC Independent Film Festival awards the best films. The goal is to recognize the best filmmakers, their cast and crew. The festival values creativity and talent in addition to great execution, even with the tightest budgets.

Publicity and other reviews describe STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER! as a wacky, surrealistic film with a thematic mission calling out racial profiling, police violence and invasion of privacy. The short is draped in a running gag of two working-class lotharios in a dystopian society where they motor-mouth publicly to each other about sexual conquests even as cops are cracking down on them – literally – but they don’t stop talking.

In the hands of other directors, a film like STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER! would be pretty silly and way over the top – and, possibly, boring – but Director Petretti and his characters Sammy and Mehdi let us know that we don’t have to m*therfu*king suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the film.

STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER! opens with Samy and Mehdi stuffing their faces with kebabs as Samy recalls with lascivious gusto his conquests from his latest assignation. The police move in! Samy and Mehdi ignore them. STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER! oozes slapstick comedy laced with a lot of menace that teases the brain, that’s for sure. The brothers-for-getting-it-on are in rapture as they keep talking and Medhi wants to know if his Sammy scored.

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