WINNER FOR BEST SHORT MOVIE 2018 – THE DINNER At Festival Tiznit Morrocco

One of the greatest Yassine’s purpose is bringing his work to his birth’s country: Morrocco.

The Festival conveys ideas and strong positioning: Cultural and festive, it embodies diversity, exchange and diversity. His convictions are combined with popular education, social bond and territory. Its values are based on the principles of the local economy, social and solidarity on commitment, sharing and transmission.
It is organized by the Tiznit Association of Film Culture.

The Dinner is the story about a young Dutch girl who decided to prepare a dinner for her future Moroccan family-in-law by searching information about their habits on the internet.
Silke, the young dutch girl discover that her boyfriend Malik (Yassine Fadel) has completely forgotten to tell her: his parents will come to dine at their small apartment that evening. His parents live next to Casablanca and obtained eventually a travel visa after two years. Silke is convinced, she‘ll be appreciated for her efforts to receive her future parents-in–law so swell (with the help of internet), but the mother of Malik has done her outmost too. And because these women both ignore each other’s habits, things don’t go as foreseen. Happily Malik knows how to transform these good intentions for his sake into a positive note.

The Dinner wins the Award for the Best short Movie. This short is written by Annick Christiaens.

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