Yassine’s Fadel Interview with Morroccan Press : « I was proud to bring the project Isola with me to Agadir »

Interview made by Le Matin Newspaper in Morrocco on 23th November 2013

Actor, screenwriter and director Yassine Fadel stood out during the Agadir International Film and Migration Festival, held from 15 to 19th of November. The actor has starred in several international films, including “Isola” which won the Best Achievement Award in Agadir.

Le Matin : How did you make your film debut?

Yassine Fadel :
I started my acting career on the American movie “The Expatriate” as a lead role. It was an enriching experience, because I was projected on the front of the scene from the outset, without having significant prior experiences. It was stressful, but exciting and the adrenaline rush was at its peak, I was able to gain years of experience in a very short time. Being able to play with big names and in a professional set, many people dream about it, but few access it. My goal was well beyond this experience. Indeed, I did not want to be relegated to oblivion after such an experience and keep only a vague memory of a shoot that I am proud of and that especially allowed me to find this vocation. The months that followed were hard, the film was not out yet and it was still necessary to continue to work and find work in this area. I persevered and got a lead role in the Canadian film “Diego Star”. Since then, the projects have been chained, until my meeting with Fabianny Deschamps, and my first role in a feature film. I was proud to bring this project to Agadir, not only because I was born there and lived there part of my childhood, but also because the subject of this film went beyond my hopes as a comedian. Being able to defend this kind of film was an honor for me.

Le Matin : Do you think to collaborate with a Moroccan director?

Yassine Fadel: I have always been open to new serious project proposals and one of my dreams is also to shoot in Morocco. That’s why I have the idea to shoot my first short film as a director in Agadir.

Le Matin: Tell us your experience in “Homeland”?

Yassine Fadel: The experience of “Homeland” was for me something unexpected. Being a fan of the series, as soon as I was contacted by my agent to be able to do the casting, I jumped at the opportunity. Then followed an obstacle course, knowing that I was warned two days before the casting. I had to find a cheap way, at my expense, to be able to go to London, place of the casting. So I took a bus that took me more than 6 hours, to arrive at 5 am, wait noon to do the casting and leave only at 10 pm. We always talk about the good side of the projects we find ourselves in, but rarely the sacrifices and hardships we go through to get there. As for the shooting itself, it lasted a whole day, and I learned a lot from the actors of this series of fame. It was a special moment for me too, because it was a shoot in Morocco, in Rabat more exactly.

Le Matin: The film “Isola” won the prize for Best Director recently at Cinema and Migration International Film Festival in Agadir. What was your feeling when you received this prize instead of Fabianny Deschamps in your city Agadir?

Yassine Fadel: To have received this prize in Agadir, it was for me an unforgettable moment, especially since my parents and my little brother were present that day. I really did not expect it, although the project has, in my opinion, everything to go as far as possible. I thank Fabianny without whom this adventure would never have been born and I also thank all the team of the film which is now an integral part of my family.

Le Matin: What are your projects?

Yassine Fadel: In the near future, I have a lot of projects underway: a series and a feature film on the Dutch side, a British American series that will be shot in Wales in mid-December, the release of several projects that I have participated in the past year and also, in 2017, I hope, the filming of my short film.

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