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« How do you express these emotions so naturally ? »

That’s what Philipp Stölzl told me when I met him during the casting process.
I always had an attraction for the artistic field, but after several attempts in different fields, I did not find what I was passionate about. It was in 2011 that I realized that I had found my way. For me, cinema has become a no-brainer. I had the opportunity to play my first role in the American film « The Expatriate » by Philipp Stölzl which was my greatest revelation. Since then, I have been totally dedicated to the movie world.

I had the pleasure of working with Yassine on The Missing in 2014[…] He brought an incredible level of truth,s ubtletyand charisma to this part. I was also very impressed by Yassine’s professionalism and focus. […] I would work with him in a heartbeat. I couldn’t recommend Yassine highly enough.

Tom Shankland , Director of TV-serie The Missing.

The role of Yassine Fadel is absolutely critical to the success of the Expatriate movie, as many of the main story lines and conflicts revolve
around him. […] I was impressed by Yassine Fadel’s talent in every scene we shot. […] I can easily say that Yassine Fadel has a comparable talent to some of the best actors with whom I’ve worked.

Harry Winer, President of the SMASH MEDIA

I first met Yassine on the set of our upcoming C4/NatGeo series “THE STATE”. Yassine is an actor of considerable range and ability—both of which are a necessary in playing the role of the Syrian Iman.[…] I have the utmost respect and admiration for Yassine and his talent as an artist. He is truly an individual of
great ability.

Steve Clark-Hall, Producer of KING ARTHUR LEGEND OF THE SWORD

« […] Comment ne pas aussi mentionner Yassine Fadel, le mari de substitution, qui passe le plus clair du film dans une cage et sombre de plus en plus dans la folie. Une interprétation toute en nuances, en petits détails, en contention tout autant qu’en explosion qui crée ainsi un duo de cinéma particulièrement frappé et qui marque le spectateur. »

Christophe Foltzer – EcranLarge.com – Pour son interprétation dans ISOLA.

Un vrai grand rôle pour Yassine qui, de fil en aiguille, avec une conviction à toute épreuve et un réel talent plein d’enthousiasme et d’énergie arrive enfin là où il a toujours voulu se trouver : devant les caméras, au service de réalisateurs ambitieux. Et tout cela avec un sourire franc et engageant, éternellement vissé aux lèvres

Philippe Pierquin – Cinevox – Pour son interprétation dans ISOLA

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